We  help women through pregnancy and beyond  (even if it was 20 years ago!) so that they can live active and healthy life without medication or surgery...

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Priscilla, mom to 1.5 year old(at the time of review)

Priscilla is now able to run and return to crossfit without leaking. She can do the exercises without worrying about her diastasis recti & leaking!


Kanika, mom of 3

Kanika is able to lift her kids without back pain and has stronger pelvic floor. She also learnt about good body mechanics while taking care of her kids


Maya, new mom to 1 week old (at the time of review)

Maya was able to have pain free pregnancy, and able to move around and continue to work until end of her pregnancy while getting PT

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Dr. Soni story

Pelvic Health Specialist

After experiencing the medical system first hand during childbirth and having to go through pelvic physical therapy herself after giving birth, she realized that pelvic health is really underserved with... read more

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